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    Outlook and Filemaker



      Outlook and Filemaker


      Does anyone know how to automatically populate a field in Filemaker with what you wrote in and email right after you send the email?


      Does anyone have any experience with Outlook Manipulator? Will this do what I am asking?



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             It might be simpler to compose your email message in a text field in Filemaker. Then you can use Filemaker to send the email with your text field as the message body. That way you have your message stored in filemaker to begin with.
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               How exactly would you do this? I need it to automatically put the email address from another field in as well?
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              Pull down File and select Send Mail...


              In the dialog box that pops up, you'll find a button with a black triangle on it to the right of every text box on this dialog. You can use these buttons to specify text fields in your database to supply the text for each part of your email.


              Thus, if you have entered your message into a text field called "Table::EmailMessage", you can click the button to the right of the "Message" text box and enter that field's table and name. You can use the same method for Email addresses, the subject, etc.


              You can also use this same method within a script (add the Send Mail script step to your script and click the Specify... button).


              That means you can set up a layout in your database for composing and email and then send it by clicking a button to send an email composed of the text fields on your layout.

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                I'm working with Filemaket Pro Advanced 11 (Dutch version)

                On a Windows 7 OS and Outlook 2007 as the mailclient.

                Via the File=>sendmail there comes up a security mesage. Whin I solved that (McAfee) it came back with the same error as I got when I use the mailscript.

                I do run Outlook and Filemaker as an administrator.