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Outlook and Send Mail

Question asked by ralvy on Jan 22, 2010
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Outlook and Send Mail


Recently heard from a client that a Send Mail script step that allows the user to send email "with dialogue" can sometimes lock up this FM10 runtime solution. This can happen if Outook is their default email client, and Outlook locks up. If Outlook locks up, the FM solution will lockup. I see others have complained about this elsewhere. For now I have a Flush Cache step just before the Send Mail step, so if they lock up, at least their data was saved before that happened.


Is there a way to get the script to release control over to Outlook so that the script isn't tied to Outlook once the Send Mail step is executed? This way the solution can go on after Outlook locks up, if it does. Let's face it ... Outlook isn't the most stable software out there.