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Outlook, Euntourage, Mail

Question asked by MichaelMontgomery on Mar 19, 2013
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Outlook, Euntourage, Mail & Scripting in FM Pro 12


     We recently upgraded from FM 10 to FM 12.  The transition was fairly smooth, but we are now having problems with the Send Mail script step.  

Relevant Factors:

  •           •OSX - we are an all Apple environment running 10.6, 10.7, and 10.8
  •           •Email Client -           
    •                       -On the systems running 10.6 we use Entourage from Office for Mac 2004
    •                       -On the systems running 10.7 & 10.8 we mostly use Outlook from Office for Mac 2011 and we have a couple running Apple Mail



     When scripting, we use the Send Mail script step and select Send via Email Client.  The anticipated result is that puts the email in the Drafts or Outbox of the Client Mail Application selected in the OS settings.  The result we actually get is as follows:

  •           •In 10.6 using Entourage           
    •                       -No message is sent
    •                       -No message in the outbox or drafts box
    •                       -No error message
  •           •In 10.7 using Mail           
    •                       -No error; the anticipated result is achieved
  •           •In 10.7 using Outlook           
    •                       -I have one client computer who gets the intended result without error
    •                       -I have another client computer that will use Apple Mail instead of Outlook.  I went to preferences in both of the applications and selected Outlook as the Default Client Mail Application.  Either Filemaker ignores these preferences or I have an issue with the OS.


Help Requested;

  1.           Has anyone been able to get FM 12 to work with Entourage 2004?  What am I doing wrong?
  3.           Is there a way for me to use Outlook with consistent results across all workstations?