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    Output data to existing form



      Output data to existing form


           Here is what Im trying to do-

           We have a fillable pdf from another company that needs to be filled out for every employee once a year.  It is a pdf that I can make fillable.  Is there a way to correlate the fields in the pdf to the data that is already in filemaker and print it to this form from within filemaker?

           I saw someone else had made their pdf into a jpg and just overlayed the fields onto the jpg within filemaker.  It seems like this would work, but was wondering if there was a better way.

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               Unless someone has created a plug in that offers that capabiiity, I think you'll need to go with the overlayed fields.

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                 Some years ago, I was working on a project the objective of which was to import into FMP (9 or 10, I believe) data from pdf forms. I discovered that the pdf form has a relationship with Excel, to output data from the form (and a number of forms at one time) into an Excel sheet. The data could then be imported into FMP from Excel normally, field names mapped to or the same as the fields in the pdf.

                 I also found an online software company at the time that sold a plugin ($75, I think, for one seat at the time) that eliminated the need for the Excel step.

                 Reversing the order of export / import might still work, with Excel, or maybe with the plugin.

                 It's been awhile since I did this, and I'm not sure what the final objective is for you, but this is what I remember.

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                   Memory jog - I think this is the company - name is Productive Computing