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    Over Ride Error 301



      Over Ride Error 301


      I can trap error code 301 " Record in use by another user" but how

      can I temporary boot the user out of the record so data can be

      written to it and then send that user a message why he or she was

      booted temporary?

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          Thank you for your post.


          FileMaker Pro does not allow you to send a system message, but you can use the Send Mail script step to send an email.  However, you cannot boot the user.  If you are running FileMaker Server, you can set the Idle time to less than 15 minutes.


          One possible workaround is to check for several seconds, and then if not responding after a certain time period, enter that information into a temporary table, and update the record at a later time.


          Does anyone else have a suggestion?



          FileMaker, Inc. 

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            Send Mail, Have not tried that, can it be sent directly to that person editing

            the record? Also it is a great idea to put the data in another table till the

            record becomes available, but can I set a script trigger to check if data is

            waiting for that record once the user clicks out of it or some type of a flag

            to tell if the record is available?


            Thanks for the help.

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              There are several things to consider...


              If someone is busy editing a record, or left their work area while editing a record, are they going to look at their email?  This is rhetorical that only you can answer.


              Your script trigger can wait in an infinite state (if you desire) until the user finishes updating.  When the other user is finished updating, then the information will be written.


              Long ago, for one customer, I created a button if the customer wanted to edit a record.  It grabbed the user information and placed it into a field for everyone to see.  That way, the last person to edit the record would have their name in that field.


              At any time, you could call a script that looks at the number of records in the temp table, and then try again to enter that information into the record.  If successful, then you can delete the record(s).


              I hope this gives you some ideas.



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                Your Idea on using another table worked perfect. Each station was related to

                a tempcommentstable and I used conditional formating to flag a text field to

                alert them of comments pending. By clicking on the text or several other

                buttons the comments were updated. I needed another way to look at the

                problem and with your great ideas it was solved.


                Thanks again for the help.