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over typing a drop down box field error

Question asked by scottlynch on Mar 23, 2011
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over typing a drop down box field error


Hi all,

I'm experimenting with FM 11 Pro Advanced trying to get the hang of a few basics functions, and seem to have run into an issue and don't know whether it's a bug or error on my part.

To give you some background I have created two tables, one with the names of 6 music artists and the other with 6 respective albums.

Both tables have been populated via imported CSV files.

I've then designed a basic single tab layout on the artists table, and added a drop down box that shows the artists names and a portal that shows the corresponding artists album/songs. I've also created a summary field that totals the albums running time.

This all seems to work fine when selecting different artists from the drop down box UNTIL i try to type in a name.

When i do this the artist name I've typed in, over writes another artists name and the summary field disappears??

Has anyone got any ideas what I could be doing wrong? please ask if i've not supplied enough detail?

Many thanks