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over use of portals?

Question asked by mgores on May 1, 2014
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over use of portals?


     I was trying something out to show monthly billings with a comparison to same month last year by department.

     For each month I set up a portal to list billed jobs with job number and price, a single row portal for the totalprice (summary field) and another single row portal for totalprice for last year.

     There is a global field on the layout that selects the department.  Each of the portals is filtered to the month/year and department, with the "last year" portal filtered to same month but previous year.

     I have it set up now to show Jan-May, so that it is 15 portals so far.  It is pretty slow to update and Filemaker maxes out the CPU in my activity monitor with every click.  Is there a way to speed it up or better to create a special report type layout and associated scripts?