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    Overall Design Dialog speed in FMP 11



      Overall Design Dialog speed in FMP 11


      Sorry for the rather vague title, but I would like to know if my situation is unique. I have a very normal setup: FileMaker Pro Advanced 11.0 v3 running on a well maintained MacBook Pro 7.1 2.4 GHz Core Duo under OSX 10.6.6 with 4 GB RAM. My problem is that, while finished FMP solutions run fine and quickly, designing or modifying them is a nightmare because of the speed — or rather lack of speed — with many of the design dialogs. Examples are (especially) things like selecting a particular field in the Manage/Database field list, or matching up fields in the Import Records field list — in fact, pretty much anything that involves displaying a list of fields. The effect is that the list in the dialog 'freezes' periodically so that I cannot scroll it or highlight individual fields in it. After several seconds it will then unfreeze, but somewhat unpredictably. It makes the whole process quite frustrating and far more time-consuming than I think it should be. I am not talking about large or complicated tables here by the way — it happens with small numbers (<25) of fields in a table, and with single-table databases. Is there ANYTHING I can do about it?