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Overcoming the need to have text in a "DATE" field.

Question asked by RodneyJohnson on Sep 4, 2012
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Overcoming the need to have text in a "DATE" field.


I am working on a cemetery database. It is literally used to keep track of who is where. We also need to keep track of "Reserved" spaces. In the past I have input "Reserved" in the field used for date of death because a space is either one or the other not both. I was doing this with the "date of death " field set to text. However, doing this I can not seach the database by date of death which is very helpful to be able to do. If I change this "date of death " field to "date" type I can do the search that I need to do but I can not input "reserved" in this field. Is there a way to set this field to do both or do I have to set up another field?


I am a volunteer with this non profit cemetery association. I am not a database master, any help and thoughts are greatly appreciated.


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