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Overlaping fields

Question asked by yomango on Nov 17, 2014
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Overlaping fields


Good afternoon. I want to use a dropdown list in  overlaping repeating fields. The top field is the result of a look-up based on the field it overlaps. So the under field is ProductID, its values are taken from a dropdown value list. The overlaping field is Product Name that fills in when the corresponding repetition field is populated. Since the overlapping field is the field showing the information I want to see, but it overlaps the field where I have to type in, I use a triggered script "on object modified" that goes to one field while in Browse mode or to the other field if in Find mode. This procedure has worked for me on several files, until now that the file has two overlaping repeating fields. what I get now is the first repetition. I have edited the script for different approaches like the use of GetRepetition ( repeatingField ; number ) and /or Get ( ActiveRepetitionNumber ) functions, without avail. Can any one of you help. I will appreciate the boost.