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Overlay PDF File with Filemaker "Printed" Output

Question asked by mickwilli on May 4, 2013
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Overlay PDF File with Filemaker "Printed" Output



     Hi all,

     I'm wondering if anyone knows of a Filemaker plugin that allows you to overlay a PDF file with an exported or 'printed' output from Filemaker?

     The reason I ask is that I am wanting to create a PDF file that has Filemaker data in the middle with a boarder and or background that is standard across all records. I know how to do this when you're just printing a single record per page, however I'm going to be printing multiple records in list view (it's actually an invoice). I'm thinking since I'll be outputting to a PDF file anyway that if I can just overlay the existing PDF file with the 'printed' output from Filemaker, we can still have anything we like on the page.

     Alternatively, is there a way I can imbed the PDF file directly on the Filemaker layout in such a way that will work with multiple records printed in list view, keeping in mind that there are boarders down the sides of the page and the body layout part will need to slide up.

     Your thoughts and suggestions are greatly appreciated.