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    Overlaying the Web Viewer



      Overlaying the Web Viewer


      Hi everybody


      I'm trying to overlay a web viewer (showing a large, horizontally scrollable jpg) with static text/lines (forming a y-coordinate grid). How can this be done? Everything I place on top of the web viewer gets covered by the web viewer in browse mode, even if the web viewer is the backmost item on the layout. I'm using FM Pro 11 Advanced on Mac OS X.


      In case that's not possible at all, can somebody name an alternative way of displaying an oversize image such that it can be scrolled with a scrollbar? That's the only reason why I'm using a web viewer here.


      Thanks in advance for any hint!

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          A web viewer will always be in the front of everything else on the layout (except for an active field - but you cannot activate a field by clicking "through" the web viewer, unless it's empty).


          Not sure what you're trying to accomplish here - perhaps a portal could do?

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            Here's some more info: On a layout "snakes" in "view as form" mode, I would like to add a picture of the snake. (Each snake has a record in the "sakes" table that is shown on that layout). Since these images are all very wide, much wider than I would like the overall layout to be, the image should be scrollable in horizontal direction. I do not want to rescale the image to fit the layout. Instead, it's supposed to be shown at full resolution. This is why I'm currently doing it in a web viewer. Web viewers allow to show the image at full resolution in a smaller area, with scroll bars. Normal image fields don't, you can only choose between rescaling to fit and cutting.


            On top of that image, I would like to draw horizontal lines with some text indicating how fat the snake is. Like a ruler. These lines and labels are supposed to stay where they are upon scrolling, so that the labels aren't scrolled out of sight.


            I can't see how portals should do what I want.


            Let me know if I'm still being somewhat unclear, I can explain further.

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              Well, you can't overlay the web viewer with grid lines. However, you could probably do this inside the web viewer with CSS.

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                Hm! That's an interesting idea.