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    Override Modification Date



      Override Modification Date


           Hello all.

           I use the modification date to view records that have had recent activity (as I guess is largely the point).

           However, sometimes I need to modify a minor detail in a record and I don't want the modification date to change. How can I override it so the date remains as it was? I would like a message to appear on commit which asks whether to update the modification date but I'm open to any other ways of working around.

           I thought I could specify any old irrelevant criteria in the "Validation" dialogue and display a custom message when validation inevitable fails, only validation doesn't fail.

           Searching the forum I have found solutions which rely on a new table with only the required fields present but this wouldn't work for me as any field should trigger the modification date, except for when I don't want it to. And that is not field-dependant.

           Any ideas?

           Filemaker Pro 11.0.3, Mac OSX 10.6.8

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               OnCommitRecord is a script trigger you can set up in Layout Setup. This script can use set field to update the date field with the value of Get ( CurrentDate) if you click a button in a custom dialog opened by this script. (You'd remove the modification date auto-enter setting in Field Options...)