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Override validation with script?

Question asked by jonnyt on Feb 12, 2009
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Override validation with script?


We have a vehicle registration number field in the database that we use as validation to ensure that two people dont add the same record.


However, there are occasions when the record needs to be duplicated including the registration Number.


We have a team of about 20 people that "log" new records onto the database.Some of them are reporting that the system isnt informing them of duplicates.


However, many of them work really quickly and Ihave a feeling that they are accidentally overriding the validation warning.




Essentially what I'm asking is this:-


If I set the registration Number field to Validate as a unique value but not allow  the user to override


is there any way in a script that I can disable the validation to allow the script to duplicate the record  along with the registration number field?




Your kind help is much appreciated!