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Question asked by ThomChase on Mar 29, 2011
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Overview Screen


Hi All, 

I am just working through a new stage to my database and I've hit up against a brick wall. 

I am running customers through a 10 step process. I can enter customers in and using a drop down menu I can assign them a stage, and then in turn move them along through it and set conditional formatting to set various colours and indicators. 

What I would like now is an overview screen to summarises this. So I have 10 columns representing the stages. At the top of the column is the total number of customers in that section. Below is now a list of their names that can be clicked on to go to their entry. If the customer is at that stage for more than a week (for example) their name goes red. 

I have basically worked out that I need to do this with a Self-Join relationship between the contacts and another contact instance but I don't know what to use as the self join field and what to use in a portal to show this. 

One other problem I am coming up againt. I want this overview to be fixed. I don't want it to be a record in a table. I needs to sit above that or be record 1 in to a table a the abilty to create new records disabled. 

Thanks for all your help.