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    Overwritting a Record



      Overwritting a Record


           Hi I am a novice in this filemaker. I need a help. Can I overwrite a record with the same item description but different date and different status but the same serial or id. This record is taken from the other page or data. How will I do it?

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               Yes and there are multiple ways you might do that. Do you want to do this by hand--in other words, find and manually update the fields in the record or from a script?

               If from a script, please describe what you want to do in much more detail.

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                 Ok sir here is what I want to do.

                 I have a Canvass Report Data - (Inside field are who prepared the canvass and date records) This data made for canvassing items from different suppliers or company.

                 I have also an Item Data - (Inside field are quantity Unit Item Name, 5 suppliers and price) This data I made for storing Items as Price List also

                 So the result of what I've done is the canvass report data always throwing records to Item Data without overwritting the records.


                 Monday Jan 1, 2080 I canvass NAILS in 2 companies, Then the next day Wednesday Jan 3, 2080 again I canvassed same item in same company but they updated there price. How will I do it?


                 Company1 Nail is $0.30

                 Company2 Nail is at 0.60


                 Company1 Nail is at $1

                 Company2 Nail is at $1.05

                 How will I do it so that I can overwrite it in the last update?

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                   First, You should use a different record to record the price for each company. That makes your data much more flexible to work with. Record the item, the price and the ID of the company in a single record. Canvas 5 items for 4 companies makes for 20 records. Canvas 8 companies for 3 items and record data in 24 records...

                   Second: why would you want to overwrite the data? Won't it be useful to see past pricing data as well as the most current pricing data from each company? Often, businesses find it useful to look at past prices to get a better idea on pricing trends and the degree of price volatility for a given item and that won't be possible if you overwrite the data instead of just setting up your system to show the most recent prices for each item and company.

                   You might set up your tables like this:


                   Canvasses::__pkCanvassesID = Item_data::_fkCanvassesID
                   Items::__pkItemID = Item_data::_fkItemID
                   Companies::__pkCompanyID = Item_Data::_fkCompanyID

                   A portal to Item_Data can be placed on the Canvasses layout for recording prices. the _fkItemID and _fkCompanyID fields can be formatted with value lists for selecting for what item and from what company the price has been canvassed. A field in Item_data should auto-enter the current date so that you can use that field to find the most recent record for a given item.

                   And it will still be possible with such a set up to display your pricing data in a "cross tab" report where each row is a different item and each column is a different company with each field shown displaying the most recently canvassed price for that item.

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                     Thanks so much sir for the illustration. How about having many companies.

                     For example:


                     How will I do that?

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                       I have some question. I have a filemaker pro 12. I want to have an advance filemaker 12. Do I have to buy a filemaker software again?

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                         Hi Paul,


                            I believe you would need to upgrade to Advanced as opposed to paying for the software again. By the way, this is a very good idea.



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                           Thanks sir Rick

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                                  How about having many companies.

                             The "price check" of items from a single company make up one record in Canvasses with one record in item_data for each item price checked at that one company.

                             If you check prices at two companies, you have two records in Convasses. Both such checks can check the same item, but from a different company.

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                               So how to do a table on that sir Philip? If I will do the above you said in the above post. It is only for one Company.  And If I also create a field  of 2 companies then it will be complicated. so how will I simplify it?

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                                 Another Question:

                                 How will I set a homepage or main page in filemaker? How will I lock a page? How to disable a scroll wheel in filemaker?

                                 Sorry for many questions I want to learn more about this filemaker. ;)

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                                   I'm not usre that I understand your questions. What I describe is a table and you can use relationships, calculations and portals to present the data from that table in any number of different formats.

                                   To "set a homepage" is normally done in one of two ways, both start by selecting File Options from the file menu. Many times, all you need do is select a layout in the "switch to layout" option on the "open" tab. Sometimes you need to do more than select a layout, you may also want a script to perform a find sort records, set up initial values in global fields, etc... and then you use the OnFirstWindowOpen script trigger to perform a script to do such tasks and such a script can include a go to layout step to select the layout you want the user to see when they open the file. (It can thus, even be a different layout for different users.)

                                   "Locking a page" is a bit vague. Do you mean to "Lock" a record so that it can not be modified any further by anyone except a user that opens the data base with a Full Access password?

                                   Disabling the scroll wheel so that it can't scroll through records is difficult to impossible in many cases. You could prevent it on a form view layout if your found set consists of only the current record. The complications causes by limiting your found set to one record, might not be worth disabling the scroll wheel however.

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                                     OK. Thanks for the information. About the "Lock" I want only the records not to be scroll by wheel so they cannot be edit by mistakes. I already done the Main menu page thanks a lot. But I cannot get the picture on how will I do many companies for canvassing. As I tried many times it always be complicated. How will I simplify it?

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                                            But I cannot get the picture on how will I do many companies for canvassing. As I tried many times it always be complicated. How will I simplify it?

                                       That's not a question that I can answer without knowing a great deal more about your business practices and exactly where you are having trouble.

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                                         Oh well I have to study on it sir Philip thanks. Just one last question.

                                         How will I lock the resolution of my Specified page? Every time I open it the resolution or the zoom layout is big is there an ooption for that?

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