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    Own field names ??



      Own field names ??


      When using the layout format "Granska" in Swedish "Look" in my own translation (the alternative all to the right whenn choosing layout format in upper left corner on the screen) the field names sometimes will be very long because they consists of "Table name::Field name".

      Is there a way to temporarely give the field their own - much shorter - names in just these types of layouts ??


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          I'm not entirely sure where you mean. Could you attach a screenshot?

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            I believe Tafe Loursen is describing table view with fields added from a related table (occurrence).

            This is not something you can change in Table View as far as I know, though I'm still exploring FileMaker 12 and I know they added more features to table view...

            You might try creating the same basice look in List View. A list view layout can be created that looks nearly identical to table view but you can use layout text to label your columns instead of the defined field or TableOccurrenceName::FieldName format you are limited to in table view.

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              Thank You for Your answer. !!


              I now see that my question is a result as beeing a newbie on FM.


              I rise a new question here now - is that OK.


              As used to Microsoft Access I know I can open a MDB-file with an autoexec-command that gives me opening the file with a "MS Access sript" giving me the same opening layout every time when opening the file

              Is there a way of forcing FM to open a file with an "Autoexec-script" ???


              I hope for an answer


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                Under File -> File Options you can define a layout as the one that the file always opens at.  But even better is that you can set a script to always run when you open the file.

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                  Thank You again - I have found it


                  Have a nice day - in Sweden it´s raining for the moment