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    Packing Matrices



      Packing Matrices


      I fear I may be biting off more than I can chew with this one. And I'm only looking for a nudge in the right direction, useful suggestions on this project, rather than someone to walk me through this. 

      I have 2 tables, one is a list of sites, one is a list of printed items. Both tables have data tagged against each site, or each printed item. Stating if the site serves a particular type of coffee, operates at a particular price band, has a particular style of print design, etc etc. 

      So each printed item is valid for a different cross section of sites. I think this makes sense?

      Using this I would normally create a very large packing matrix as a spreadsheet (so when printers produce the packs, each site gets the relevant printed items). I'm wondering if I can use filmmaker to cross reference the 2 tables, and automatically produce the packing matrix?

      It seemed like a simple idea until I started trying to execute it.

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          "Can you describe what that "packing matrix" would look like? What makes up the rows? The columns?

          This sounds like a "cross tab report" and such is possible to set up in FileMaker, but it takes a bit of design work to get it up an running.

          Does the data really need to be arranged in a matrix?

          If you arrange the data in more of an "invoice" or "packing list" format with a heading that identifies the site followed by a list of items and quantities, it's much less work to set up.

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            Hi Phil,

            I guess the easiest way to describe it is, addresses down the side, printed items along the top. Each cell corresponding to that printed item for that address would contain the quantity to be delivered anything from 0 - 1000. 

            We have always used a spreadsheet/matrix format historically. I guess an individual packing list for each site would be OK, but not perfect.



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              bump ;)