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Page "number" of page "count"

Question asked by KatG on Dec 1, 2012
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Page "number" of page "count"


     I would like to have a "count" of the report pages.... and see Page 1 of 3, page 2of 3, etc on the header or footer of the report.

     re:  Page Numbering Problem (Starts at Zero)  thread      Page Numbering Problem (Starts at Zero)

     I am using FM 12 also, but I am not having the problem described, (the page number beginning at zero).  I am saving the reports to .pdf and printing them later, I am not sending the report directly to the printer from FM, not sure if that makes any difference or not.   

     I have some questions regarding the steps suggested by the developer

                  To display the total number of pages on each page of a printed document using a script, follow these steps:

                    1.In Manage Database, define a number field titled Page Count. Click Options (or double-click the field name).

                    Click the Storage tab, then select Use global storage (one value for all records).     

     I created the global number field.  I am confused at the global storage here. Doesn't the global field capture data from another field?  How does the page number get entered into the global storage field? Should there be a page count calculation field or something the global field relates to? What am I missing?

      2.On your print layout, type "Page ## of <<Page Count>>" (without the quotes) in the header or footer.

 (## prints the current page number, <<Page Count>> is a merge field).


Typing (into a TEXT Box) without the quotes    "Page {{PageNumber}} of <<Page Count>>   

Was I supposed to type into a "text box" or is there some other way to place this in the layout?

Since  ## isn't supported in FM12, using  "{{PageNumber}}" (without the quotes) should work, no?

It  shows    "Page  1 of                 "        (without the quotes)     and the merge field is blank.  

 << field name >> is a merge field and typing this within a text box places that field in the text box, so the text box functions? 


3.Create a script that has these steps:    

4.SNIP      could anyone elaborate on this?  Not the faintest idea of what this entails.....

(private note to Alan: I did not use the "s" word :)