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    Page Background Color !



      Page Background Color !




        I see that I can set the layout section background color,

      but when a record doesn't fit in the page and skips to the

      next, FileMaker fills with white instead of the body section's

      background color set.


        Is there a workaround ?



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          Thank you for your post.


          There are two parts to this.


          1. Under Part definition, be sure to put a check mark in the option "Allow part to break across page boundaries".  This will allow subsequent records to start printing after the record instead of beginning at the top of the page.  You cannot fill in the blank space with the fill color.



          2. Once the Body part ends at the last record, the color will resume back to the printer default of white (assuming the above option is checked).



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            That's exactly the problem.


            Is there a way to set the default white to some other color?


            I don't want the records to break across pages, and I can

            manage to set the part size exactly to n records, so that

            no white is seen in full pages. After the last record

            though there is white if records are less than n in the last



            I would like to generate a pdf with a page color different

            from white. Headers and footers color can be set and this

            is great, but there is that space after the last record that

            is annoying to be mandatory white.


            Can I generate a pdf with white background and change

            it before printing with another software ?


            I hope I better explained  my problem.



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              No, you explained the problem just fine.


              FileMaker Pro sends commands to the printer, but once the last record is reached, no further commands are sent.


              One way to get around this problem is to add additional records to the end of your table.  That way, blank space is printed for those records.  However, if you have borders or field labels, those will show.  Another option is to insert a Grand Summary part and set that for a large size, and set the background color to the same as the Body part.  Do not include any objects in the Grand Summary, and this should help you with the last page.  You may even get one extra page because of the Grand Summary, and it will be cut off at the end, too.



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