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    Page Break



      Page Break


      I've created a Landscape layout/report that looks and works great except that two records appear on some pages. I searched around and tried adding a Sub-Summary part, which doesn't seem to work.

      1) How do I delete this Sub-Summary?
      2) How do I insert a 'page break' at the end of each record?


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          Brian, have you tried

          1) Menu bar Help:All topics and in the new window search for  'delete layout part'

          2) As item 1) but search for 'layouts' then chose 'Troubleshooting layouts that do not appear or print as expected'

          That should do it.

          I'm using FMP 11A but something similar is available in previous versions.


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            A very good suggestion, Martin.  Also Brian, you can search in Help for Part Setup to answer questions 1 & 2 as well as understand how to define (and work with) various parts of a layout.

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              Thanks guys, I wasn't sure whether the sub-summary was a 'part' or an 'object' but CTRL + Backspace did the job. Will look at No. 2 now...

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                Me again, all sorted out nicely. Went into Part Setup and chose Page Break on the Body section...


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                  Bump, another glitch has cropped up in my report!

                  All fields are set to slide up and some of them are being chopped in half due to the automatic page breaks. Is there a way to prevent this happening?


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                    Welcome to the joys of sliding fields. They can really drive you crazy sometimes...

                    The only way I know to prevent this is to not allow the entire body to break across a page break. This is another of those options you can select in part setup...

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                      Really? What if a report is 2-3 pages long? Mine is...

                      I'm really enjoying using FM and think it's great software but things like this shouldn't have to be a work-around bodge. Surely there must be certain (basic) things that work right out of the box, no faffing, tweaking or putting up with. I'm stunned! Surprised

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                        Yes, but does a single record need to be 2-3 pages in length? While not impossible, this is unuusal. More often, a single record is a page or less and then prohibiting the split across a page break can work.

                        What is there to your report that makes the body so large? (Maybe there's a different approach that will work better.)

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                          Hi Phil,
                          I'm afraid this "Assignment Instructions (AI's)" report does need to be at least 2 pages, as it's a summary of everything relating to the service contract. The Client has to read, understand and accept the details within it before we commence services.

                          It details:
                          The site address, contact details, sites normal working hours, gas/electric/water supply entry points and site notes - 1/2 page
                          Alarm company address, contact details, service details and information relevant to the intruder alarm system - 1/2 to 2/3 page
                          Alarm receiving centre address, contact details, passwords etc - 1/2 page
                          Emergency contractors/services names and contact details - 1/3 page
                          Key Holders names and contact details - 1/3 to 1/2 page

                          I could probably concatenate the addresses into single text fields, make the font size smaller and bunch things up a bit but I would never be able to get all the info on a single page. If a different approach is possible then that would be great, at this stage I don't think I would have any other reports that need to be this sort of length though...



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                            "I could probably concatenate the addresses into single text fields, make the font size smaller and bunch things up a bit but I would never be able to get all the info on a single page."

                            It indeed may not be possible, but that's not what I had in mind. If you can break up a portion of this data into several records for the same report, you may acquire the ability to keep a field from splitting across a page break.

                            Take a look at how the Invoices starter solution prints an invoice. It prints from a layout based on the line items table. Thus, each record in the body of the layout lists one out of possibly many line items on the invoice. The report prints a single invoice, but this structure means that if there are a large number of items purchased with the invoice a page break occurs between line item records to continue the invoice on the following page.

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                              Thanks Phil, I'll take a look at the starter invoice solution to see if I can understand what you mean...

                              The report that I'm trying to print is from a layout that is being fed its field data from several other layouts (11 in total I think). However, they are not all in order if that makes any sense.

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                                I'm struggling to understand the Invoices file fully. However, re-reading your last post again I'm guessing that it's possible to break the 3 pages down? Maybe in to 6-8 shorter layouts, then collate these smaller reports back into the main one.

                                Is this possible, would it work?

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                                  It's possible, but not what I am suggesting.

                                  The Invoices starter solution and Comment's simpler demo file: http://fmforums.com/forum/showpost.php?post/309136/

                                  Have this table structure:


                                  The invoice prints from a layout based on LineItems, but with fields from Invoices added to the header and footer. Now one "invoice" consists of a group of Line Item records. The button that prints your invoice performs a find for just these line item records and prints with the Records Being Browsed option to print the group of records needed for one invoice.

                                  Because this data is broken up into several records in the LineItems table, a page break can occur between the line item records and the invoice then breaks "cleanly" without any fields being split across a page break.


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                                    Hi Phil,
                                    Thanks for the link to the stripped down version, that makes it easier to understand although I'm not sure that it will work for my layout/report. Please see images below:

                                    If I add certain fields to the Header and Footer then I'm guessing that they will be repeated on each page?

                                    Page 1

                                    Page 2

                                    Page 3 

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