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page break on report layout

Question asked by TalithaDaddona on Feb 8, 2012
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page break on report layout


hello. i am very new to filemaker pro. i have created a report that pulls object data from various tables. there is no data in the report that needs to be calculated or summarized, just text and images. the body of the report contains a large text box, which contains merge fields. this text box is formatted to slide up and resize. i have given this section of the body 2 pages. the next "section" in the body contains 6 portal fields that contain images of the object. this section begins on a new page. these fields are laid out in two columns and two rows, 4 on one page, 2 on another (one row on this page). the report layout is a total of 4 pages. what i would like to do, but know that i am unable to, is to force a page break after the large sliding text box, so that i do not have a blank page if the text does not need an additional page. also, since each object will have at least one image but not necessary 6, i would like to have a page break after the 1st page of images, so that i will not have another blank page if there are no more than 4 images. hopefully this makes sense. i have also tried to format the first two portal fields to slide up and resize but what often happened was a cutting of the images at the page break. 

i attempted to workaround this by adding additional parts to the layout and inserting the different "sections" of the report but this did not work. i have included screenshot of the report. it's rather small but if you zoom in you may get the idea. any help would be much appreciated.