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    page break on report layout



      page break on report layout


      hello. i am very new to filemaker pro. i have created a report that pulls object data from various tables. there is no data in the report that needs to be calculated or summarized, just text and images. the body of the report contains a large text box, which contains merge fields. this text box is formatted to slide up and resize. i have given this section of the body 2 pages. the next "section" in the body contains 6 portal fields that contain images of the object. this section begins on a new page. these fields are laid out in two columns and two rows, 4 on one page, 2 on another (one row on this page). the report layout is a total of 4 pages. what i would like to do, but know that i am unable to, is to force a page break after the large sliding text box, so that i do not have a blank page if the text does not need an additional page. also, since each object will have at least one image but not necessary 6, i would like to have a page break after the 1st page of images, so that i will not have another blank page if there are no more than 4 images. hopefully this makes sense. i have also tried to format the first two portal fields to slide up and resize but what often happened was a cutting of the images at the page break. 

      i attempted to workaround this by adding additional parts to the layout and inserting the different "sections" of the report but this did not work. i have included screenshot of the report. it's rather small but if you zoom in you may get the idea. any help would be much appreciated.


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          Fields inside a portal row do not slide and resize. The portal as a whole can resize to fit the number of existing portal records, but not the fields inside the portal row.

          Try putting all the items except the portals of images inside a leading grand summary part and specify a page break after every 1 occurrence.

          Question: why do you need 3 pairs of portals? Are they all portals to the same table of images or different tables? It may be possible to use a different approach to get your two columns of images if all the portals refer to the same data table.

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            well there is only one row in each of the portals to accomodate one image. the second portal underneath the portal image contains the description for that image. and yes, the images are all kept in one table. the portal is sorted so that it grabs the appropriate image (i.e. PhotoNo = 1) in the image table. the same calculation sort was written for the image description portal. i have 6 portals because there are up to six different images per object. i resized the portal (and the overlaying image) so that the image would be large enough to see the information. the images for this type of report are normally displayed in a contact sheet like format. 

            i did try to put everything besides the portals inside a leading grand summary and specified the page break you mentioned. this worked but only for the 1st-3rd records. i just attempted it again and it only worked for the 1st record. i tried to adjust the number of occurences to accomodate for all 440 records, but was told that this type of part can only occur once in this layout. 

            i'm curious about the possibility you mentioned but am uncertain how that would work. attached is a screenshot of the image table if that might help. 

            thank you kindly for your assistance. 



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              Hmm, I had assumed that this was for a single record, not multiple records at the same time. that complicates things...

              What I had in mind as an alternative:

              Instead of portals, base your layout on the image table. You can perform a find and sort to limit the image records to just those needed for a given report. This report can be set up as a two column report in layout setup. (But two columns will only be visible in preview mode or when you print the report.)

              The text and other fields that preceded the report can be put in a sub summary part (requires a sorted by field and you must sort your records by this field to see the sub summary part)

              This will only work, however, if all image records appear only once in the report. If the same image must appear in more than one spot in the same report, it won't work.

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                hello. thank you for your suggestion. i decided instead to just add a subsummary part then copy the text section and sort. this seemed simplier. i then put all six portals on the same page, so i would not need a page break. 

                another question if i may...on the above image table, the image column contains only references to the images, which are stored on an external harddrive. the database and images will eventually be stored in another location, when they are given to the client. is there a way to batch update the file path for the images?

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                  If you understand the format used to store the file references in your container fields, yes.

                  You can update the references in container fields just as though they are text fields that contain the references. Thus, a replace field contents operation with the calculation option can update all the references to refer to the new file location in a single batch operation.

                  If this is a tool you haven't used before, please research it in FileMaker Help and make a copy of your file before trying it out. It can change all the records in your table and cannot be undone so having a back up copy allows you to discard your current copy and try again if you don't get the results you expected.

                  To see the exact text stored in you container fields, You can use GetasText ( containerField ) in the data viewer (FileMaker Advanced Only) or you can place a calculation field set to return text with the name of the calculation field as its sole term next to your container field on a layout in your database. This can be very useful in figuring out the exact "surgery" your calculation in the replace field contents dialog needs to do to update the references.

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                    hello again. your suggestion given on 2/8, can you explain to me how to do that? i understand how to change the table upon which the report is based and how to access the layout setup to determine how many columns to print. i am uncertain how the report layout for that part should be designed so that it prints all of the image records for a given object record. thanks for you help.

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                      Your layout will display one image for each record in the found set. Thus, you place a single copy of the container field on your layout. The layout will show what you need to set up one column and FileMaker will use that info to display data in two columns when you enter preview mode and/or print/Save as PDF.

                      This is essentially the same method that the Invoices starter solutions uses to print line item records for a given invoice. The key is to perform a find or use Go To Related records to pull up all the related image records that link to the desired parent record so that you can print images for just that one parent record.

                      You can also pull up records for more than one parent record and use sorting to group each under a separate sub summary part where you'd place the fields from the parent record that make up the top portion of your report.