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    Page Breaks and Portals



      Page Breaks and Portals


      I have a layout which is intended to be printed. Just about all the layout objects are set to slide up based on object above them. I have a portal view with fairly thick rows that almost always ends up at the break of the 1st page. When I enter preview mode to check to formatting for printing the last row of the of the portal view on the first page is always cut in half, leaving half of the row's contents displayed on the 1st page and the rest displayed on the 2nd page. Is there a way to make it so it will show only full rows at the bottom of a page, and if it doesn't fit then it will just start that row on the next page, rather then cutting the row in half? Right now that makes the formatting look horrible.

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          Not easily, given that you sliding fields and objects.

          Is there a reason why you need a portal here? I fully understand that such an approach is sometimes unavoidable, but in some cases, you can base your report layout on the portal's table and pull data from your current layout's table into header or sub summary parts. This is how the invoices starter solution is printed if you want to see an example.