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Page breaks on group change

Question asked by BonnieL on Jul 16, 2009
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Page breaks on group change


I'm doing labels -- 6 to a page/sheet (2 across, 3 down).  Each record is in a OrderGroup of which there can be several for the whole table, which by the way, is a SQL table that is a shadow table.  I've sorted my records on the OrderGroup field.  I need it to start a new page/sheet when the OrderGroup changes.  I also need to print a "header" label for the new group with the OrderGroup number on it along with various other information from the next record.  I looked at all the things I can find and it seems that I need a subsummary report.  I'm not summarizing anything though, just the page/sheet break.   I've tried inserting the subsummary with the OrderGroup as the group field to break on.  That presented a couple problems.

   1. It just plain didn't start a new page at the beginning of the group.

   2. If I made the subsummary section big enough(the size of my label) to put all the information I needed on it, I ended up with only 4 labels on a page rather than the 6 but I never did get my "subsummary" report.

   3. If I made it real small and put no information in it, it still did not break.

   4. I've also tried putting the some of the needed info in the header section which gets the info on each sheet of labels but doesn't break on the group. 

   5. Thinking the problem may be that I'm using a SQL shadow table, I imported the information into FM.  No difference.


What is really strange is that I did another layout in another app using a different label type and it worked.  I followed the same instructions for inserting the subsummary section, didn't put any info into the section and my data was physically inside FM, not  a shadow table.


Any suggestions?


Bonnie Litts