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    Page breaks with columns



      Page breaks with columns


      As a teacher, I want to print up reports that show students in columns for each period on one page.  However, I have not been able to do this.  My report is grouped by period in the sub summary part and I have attached two files, one having the break before each occurrence and one having the break after every 1 occurrence.  When I do my reports without columns, each period breaks per page.  When I do my reports with columns, it doesn't work the same as seen in the attached.  Is there a way to have one page per period with columns?


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          How many columns are you specifying in Layout Setup | Printing? 2 columns or?

          Are  you then previewing the report or in browse mode?

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            You might find it easier to rotate everying 90 degrees and then print with the landscape option.

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              I am specifying 10 columns because some classes will have 10 columns of 6 students.  The screenshot is showing the preview mode.

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                Pardon my confusion, Columns are vertical and rows are horizontal. Your screen shot above appears to show the opposite. Are these columns that you've specified in layout setup... or have you arranged your fields in columns on the layout? Is your screen shot taken from Browse Mode or Preview?

                My memory may have failed me, but in a previous thread, didn't we set this up with a series of portals to list the student names like this?

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                  These are columns I've specified in layout setup...I've just rotated the names so that the first student in the class is front and left when you rotate the piece of paper counter clockwise.  The screen shot shows two different pages, I've just combined them into one screenshot.  The difference between the two is the one on the left is "break after every 1 occurrence" and the right is "break before each occurrence".  I'm not sure if we've discussed this in a previous thread, if so, MY memory is failing me. 

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                    I think I've confused you with another person who asked about seating charts.

                    In your layout, each student is a separate record? (Due to my confusion with another thread, I assumed otherwise.)

                    OK, after a little bit of playing around with the options I think I have it figured out. Try this:

                    In Layout Setup... | Printing, change the settings from "Down First" to "Across First" and you'll get page breaks instead of column breaks.

                    As this will change what students appear in a given column and row, you will likely also need to change your sort order to get them back in the right rows and columns. You could, for one example, give each student record a row field and a column field, then sort by period, row, column to get the desired results.

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                      The above works.  I don't think I can get the students into the right order unless I assign a row and column number and sort by that.  I'll be working on a calculation that will automatically figure that out by what order they are in the class.  If you have any suggestions on how to do that, I'd greatly appreciate it.

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                        The details will depend on what "order" is the correct order for your students. I believe you'll want regular number fields for row and column so that you can move a student and even leave a desk empty if needed.

                        Here's one idea:

                        Put maximum row and column values in global fields gMaxRow and gMaxCol.

                        Find all the students in one period.

                        Sort them into alphabetical order by name.

                        Use Replace field contents and the record number to assign row and column numbers to each record.

                        Replace Field Contents [ no dialog; Students::Row; Ceiling ( Get ( RecordNumber ) / Students::gMaxCol ) + 1 ]
                        Replace Field Contents [ no dialog; Students::Col; Mod ( Get ( RecordNumber ) - 1 ; gMaxRow ) + 1 ]

                        By using global number fields for max row and column values, you can vary your seating chart dimensions as needed without rewriting your script, though you'd still have to modify your layouts to adjust for varying column numbers.