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    Page Continuation



      Page Continuation


      I would like to know how to make a page with editable text continue to page 2, page 3.


      I know how this works when working in a summary (spreadsheet) format, but when the following happens, I am none the less wiser. 




      Customer wishes to import their own text into a global field.  Some may have one single page of information, but as time evolves, they may add text that will overflow the global field, thus requiring continuation to page 2 and 3 and so on if necessary.    


      I do not wish to have them think to hard here and have additional print buttons for each screen with a large global field, but to copy and paste their entire text and it automatically continues. 


      IS this possible?  So far, I cannot make it happen. 


      Thanks in advance


      J "ason" 

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          This is where I swoop in with my oft-repeated plea to FileMaker's developers.


          We really need one of the following to happen:


          1)  FileMaker nicely asks Apple to give it back the code for ClarisWorks 4.0 (the last version that actually worked cross-platform).  A new layout type is added to FileMaker Pro - Word Processing layout.


          2)  FileMaker nicely asks Apple to give it back the code for ClarisWorks 4.0 and creates a simple cross-platform Word Processor that can perform a direct mail merge with .fp7 files.


          3)  FileMaker nicely asks Microsoft to work with them on a Microsoft Word plugin that opens a palette that allows users to perform a mail merge with .fp7 files.


          Pick your favorite (or choose them all) and drop the developers a note on the Feature Request page.



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            Thank you for your feedback.     I understand what you are saying......and feel that i have not been totally alone here.


            I will send over my thoughts......  client interface is important to clients.  If they wish to import many pages of information for printing, then they should have that opportunity. 


            J "ason"

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              Make the field tall enough to accomodate the largest amount of text possible, on however many pages it takes*.

              Set the field to shrink when printing, also reducing the enclosing part.



              (*) Note that the maximum size of a layout is 110 x110 inch. If you need more than that, you will have to break the text into records - or perhaps reconsider the use of a database application for this purpose.