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    Page Lengh Issue



      Page Lengh Issue


      I have a quick question. I have a 20 page contract i want to put into my database. But, the layouts only go up to 110 in. So is there a way to extend the layout more that 110 in?

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          Basicly.. no there isen´t. There is a max height that a FileMaker Layout can be set to. What you can do however is play around with deviding your longer text into "chapters" joning them together using for example a main record and as many subrecords (chapters) as you need. When you print a main record you acctually goto the related recordset of subrecords and print the entire foundset. This combined with sliding/printing settings can "almost" create the effect I think you are looking for.


          Hope it helps.

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            Thank you for your post.


            The reply by KalleSamuelsson is correct (Thank you!).  The page length maximum is 110 inches.


            Another solution is to put the first ten pages of the contract in one layout, and the second ten pages in another layout.  Then, you can call a script that goes to the first layout and prints, and then goes to the second layout and prints.  Your script would look something like the following:


            Go to Layout ["Layout #1"]

            Print [no dialog; Restore]

            Go to Layout ["Layout #2"]

            Print [no dialog; Restore]


            If your contract grows to more pages, then create a third layout and add it to the script.


            Please let me know if you need clarification for any of the above steps.



            FileMaker, Inc. 

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              And, from my experience, if you'll have users using different printers, you won't be able to get 10 pages without the page breaks getting too far off for some users.


              Unless TSGal has a neat trick for enforcing page breaks?  (My secret hope.)


              Also, if users have more than one printer, you probably shouldn't use "no dialog" in the print area so that they can choose their printer.  Unfortunately, this means that they'll have to press "Print" multiple times to print the entire document. 


              Write FileMaker and ask for a Word Processing mode.  (My personal crusade.)



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                hehe.. just to push things to the extreme ;)  Its possible to "fake" Word Processing mode by showing one of the many free WYSIWYG Text/HTML editors avalible on the web in a webviewer in a FileMaker layout.

                Loading it with data from FileMaker either via a XML or PHP request to your FileMaker Server or simply loading it with a URI Data: request localy in the FileMaker Client.


                Parhaps that could be a third and "simple" soultion to the main question in this thread. Load the enitre long text into simple HTML-page in a webviewer using URI Data: and add a onLoad="print();" to the body-element of that page.


                .. or simply do as TSGal said ;)

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                  Sorry for the lateness of this reply. I can get the two layouts to print, but is there a way to tab from one layout to another? I could (if worst comes to worst) put a button at the bottom of the page, but can I setup a script, or a tab order for me to be able to tab to the other page.  

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                    I assume you're talking about during the data entry process?


                    If so, then the solution is to place a button at the bottom of the page that performs a script with 2 steps:


                    1.  Go To Layout ( Layout2 )

                    2.  Go To Field ( First Field On Screen ).


                    If you place this button in your "Tab Order", then you can tab to it from the last data entry field on the first layout and press "Return" (or, if you're on a Windows machine, the "Enter" button next to your right pinky.)


                    So, instead of just Tab to get to the next page, you'll press Tab, then Return. 

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                      Yes! It Worked! Wanted to say thank you to everybody who helped me out!



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                        I've built several solutions where separate 'pages' were achieved with fields in different layouts.  It's surprising that as of FMP9, there is no more elegant way to flow field copy to a print layout that would obey margin settings and properly wordwrap to additional pages, rather than these cludges that have been around since FMP2 (when I started).


                        Claris, um, Apple, um, Filemaker ... can we have something simple here for wrapping text?  It's gotta be on your radar...