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Page Load Scroll To Object

Question asked by KAmsinger on Feb 22, 2012


Page Load Scroll To Object



I am on FMP Adv 11 and I have a database where you can add people to a group. After it saves the record ID to a group the script I have tells it to then go back to the original layout. However, when it does that it obviously scrolls to the top of the page. But I would like to set it up where it will actually scroll to the middle of the page. And the script step Scroll Window options do not satisfy what I am needing. So I wanted to see if I could create a "hidden" object (just to be behind a field) and tell the script to go to that object. However, I have already tried this and in my script I put in the script step Go To Object  and then I enter in the Object name I gave it in the inspector but it doesn't seem to work. Can any one tell me what I am doing incorrectly so I can make it go to that object so it scrolls to the correct spot on the page.