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    page margins



      page margins


           I'm sure there is a simple solution to this issue.  I'm trying to print a report from the layout with the margins the same on each page that is printed.  There are two records to a page and with no page headers or footers.  The first page uses the margin that is set to print one inch from the top.  However, all subsequent pages begin at about 1/2"  from the top.  I'm sure there is something that I need to do in the layout but cannot figure out what it is.



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               Did you set a 1 in margin on the Printing tab in layout seup or set up an inch of white space at the top of the layout?

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                 Yes, I did.  The first page looks fine, but the remaining pages scoot to the top.  

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                   Yes you did which? I mentioned two ways you might try to set a margin. Which one did you use?

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                     Soirry, I used the printer settings.  I had also played around with the layout to try to leave an inch at the top as well.

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                       Apologies, but if you have specified a 1" top margin in Layout Setup, I don't see how you are getting a 1/2" margin when you print. Perhaps the layout or your file is damaged or there is a compatibility issue with your printer driver.

                       Things you can try:

                       Save as PDF and compare the results

                       Try a different printer.

                       Try a different or brand new layout. (Don't copy layout objects from your problem layout)

                       Create a small test file and see if it has the same issue when you print using the same printer.

                       If the test file works fine, or a new layout works fine, see what happens if you recover your file. (Test the recovered file even if no issues are reported as fixed by the recover process.)