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page number "##"

Question asked by MikeDunglinson on Apr 26, 2011
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page number "##"


Filemaker pro 10 windows 7

I am page numbering invoices in that if an invoice has more lines that will fit on one page I allow the body of the page to break across pages and they are numberd 2,3,4 etc using the "##" symbol . I then reset the page number to 1 so all invoices have a page number of 1 unless they continue over more than one page and then a sequential number is printed using the symbol "##".

My question is

I am trying to apply a conditional formula to the words "continuation invoice" based on the value of "##" This will print the words in black on the 2nd and subsequent invoice pages but when the value of ## is 1 the words are printed in white making them invisible. This is not working and when I try the function get(page number) this does not work either as it gets the actual filemaker page number not the value of "##". I am completley stumped over such a simple ask and I would be very grateful if anyone could help

Many Thanks