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Page number stuck at 1 on multi-page report

Question asked by MarkCampbell on Mar 12, 2014
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Page number stuck at 1 on multi-page report


     Problem: In a multi-page report the page number always stays at "1"

     Desired Result: I would like the page number to increment on each page in the report for a record and start over on the next record.

     Background: I have a database with companies as records, each with say 100 fields some of which may or may not be present and each with a variable length. I created a report that shows all the fields for a company, sliding all the fields up as blanks are encountered. In Layout mode I have a header, a footer and a body that extends over 5 pages (as indicated by the dotted page break lines). In the footer I have inserted the page number symbol.

Behavior: The sliding feature seems to work but when I go to preview mode or generate a PDF the page number in the footer is "1" on all the pages.

What I've Tried: I have moved the page symbol to the header - no luck. I have turned of sliding - no luck. I have tried to additional body parts to force pagination - no luck. I have switch from landscape to portrait page layout - no luck.

     Any ideas?