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    Page numbering:  1 of....????



      Page numbering:  1 of....????


      In my field, I'm required to have this format on each page of reports:  "page 1 of..."  Is there a way to insert this?  All I see is the regular page numbering.  Or do I have to this manually?  I searched forums and help, but didn't find answer.

      Thank you.

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          It's one of those "simple things" that don't have a simple way to automate in FileMaker.

          Define a global variable: $$TotalPages if you have FileMaker 11. If you have an older version, define gTotalPages as a global field.

          Write this script:

          #Do this after going to the layout and finding the records you need for your report
          Enter Preview Mode[] // clear pause check box
          Go To Record/Request/Page [last]
          #Filemaker 11 only:
          Set Variable [$$TotalPages ; value: Get ( PageNumber ) ]
          Refresh window[]
          #older versions:
          Set Field [YourTable::gTotalPages ; get ( PageNumber ) ]
          Enter browse Mode

          Then put either $$TotalPages or gTotalPages inside merge text on your layout. Be sure to run this script to update the field or variable with the total page count before you print or save a PDF of the report.