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    Page Set Up and Paper type/quality issues in Filemaker 11



      Page Set Up and Paper type/quality issues in Filemaker 11


      I have just upgraded to Leopard 10.5.8 on my imac (non intel) and Filemaker 11.  My hp printer works perfectly in every program but Filemaker!  In the print dialog box the paper type is preselected for photo paper, and printing is set for best quality in color.  All of the other options are "grayed out" so I can make no alternate selection (ie. inkjet, Fast Draft, Grayscale).  In all programs but Filemaker, this printer can print on numerous paper sizes including a custom size.  Yet in Filemaker, only a few paper sizes are available.


      Is this a problem that can be fixed?  Can someone explain why this is happening?   



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          Thanks for your post.

          Sorry for the late response.

          Printer issues are very difficult to troubleshoot. The model of the printer you are using would be helpful in testing to see if we can reproduce it in our labs.

          Having said this, I have a few questions and a temporary workaround to offer.

          Is the printer local or networked to the computer? If networked try using it locally and installing the latest drivers to see if either resolves the issue. Try using the latest drivers from HP's website as there may be fixes that are not yet applied if you are using an older driver version.

          Does the behavior continue to occur in a new user account on your system? If you have not yet tried this, temporarily create a new admin user account for you computer itself and try printing again under the new test account. If it works then Apple can offer direction in repairing your original account to restore functionality.

          Does it happen in all files or only specific ones? Test in a new file to see if you can print normally. Any of the starter solutions provided with the software works for this test with a couple test records.

          As for the temporary workaround, until the behavior can be resolved, you can try saving the records as a PDF and then printing from the PDF file so you can get the normal expected printing options. This is certainly not an ideal long term solution, but it may let you print what is needed until we can narrow down what is going wrong.

          Please keep me updated on your progress or ask for clarification on any of the above if needed.

          FileMaker Inc.

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            Dear TS Raven,

            Thanks so much for your response and please forgive my tardy one.  I sequentially checked all of your suggestions.  In fact, the problem was limited to one file.  The printer works perfectly on all other FileMaker files!  I am grateful for the suggestion...I never would have thought that the problem was file specific.  Have a great day!!