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Page set up with scale in windows 7

Question asked by LawnGuy on Mar 28, 2011
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Page set up with scale in windows 7


I run a small business out of my home. I purchased FileMaker pro 11  and set it up on my Mac at home. my database with relationships consists of four different tables and a couple of tables I have different layouts for duplicate printing. My business is a service business with just a couple of trucks. We will have laptops running Windows 7 in the trucks. I'm trying to get set up so that I can create and print service reports in the field and have my home database be updated at the same time. I  played around with web publishing to see if that would work for me, but the problem I have there, is navigation is limited and by the time I get everything set up to where I want it and get the report printed it ends up taking too much time and then I'm dependent on an Internet connection  as well. I've concluded that my best option is to install FileMaker  Pro 11 on the field machines or client machine and then just transfer data at the end of the day. This would work because I have a network at the house where it would be easy to import export copy etc. from machine to machine. With  the app running on the field machines, navigation is improved and I can get the work done in a speed that will work and I'm not dependent on an Internet connection. The next hurdle that I've come to is this; in the tables with multiple layouts for printing on the Mac machine  I have it setup so that in one layout it's in portrait mode and the scale is 100%, I use this setting to save files as PDFs and then e-mail them to the customer. In the other layout, for printing I need a copy and the customer needs a copy, so the  second layout is just the first layout  duplicated  and a page set up for this layout is in landscape mode  scaled at 60%. I even have scripts to remind me to change the page setup in place. What I've found when running FileMaker Pro 11  from laptop using Windows 7 is I don't have a scale with the print setup and when I use the layouts for printing in landscape mode in Windows it doesn't scale down to 60% so therefore won't fit in the layout and won't print correctly.  Any ideas what I should do?