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Question asked by LawnGuy on Mar 13, 2011
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Page Setup & Printing issue


I have a couple of tables where I have two different layouts. One layout has all fields on form. My 2nd layout is for printing duplicates of 1st form. So I adjusted the layout from one page setup where page is printed in portrait mode to layout where page should be printed in landscape mode. I adjust layout for additional fields (for landscape printing) and duplicated the fields from previous form and moved them over into room I made for them on new layout. In all modes, browse, layout & preview mode everything looks as it should, with all the original fields and the duplicate fields within the boundaries. Everything else as far as portals, auto fill and everything else functions properly. If I try to print, know matter what I do it will only print in portrait mode. The kicker is, it was working correctly for quite awhile (over a week) but for some reason it just stopped and I can't figure out why. Any ideas?