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    Page Setup Problem



      Page Setup Problem


      I'm using Mac OS 10.6.4 and a Xerox Phaser 6200N printer. I have an A4 document set up, and am trying to print a page of labels from the main printer tray. I go to Preview and everything looks correct. Page Setup says A4, with correct printer name, but when I try to print, the page comes out of the main tray but with just one label printed in the top left hand corner (i.e. the Browse view before I went into Preview) and the printer starts flashing to tell me to put more US letter-sized paper in the multi-purpose tray!

      Can anyone please tell me what on earth is going on? I desperately need to print these labels.

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          In the print dialog box - are you printing current record or all records?

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            Hello taffy. I've tried printing current record or all records and it makes no difference. At the moment when I try to print, all I get is a red warning light saying there's no US letter in the multi-purpose tray at the front of the machine, whereas it's set to print A4 from the main tray at the back of the machine ... 

            I've been printing labels on an old version of FileMaker at work for years without a problem, but I bought FileMaker Pro 10 in January for my home computer and am using it for the first time now to do Christmas labels. 

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              To see if it's a printer-filemaker issue, try saving the lables as a PDF, then open and print the PDF file to your printer.

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                Thank you PhilModjunk, I've successfully printed the labels from a PDF but FileMaker still only prints one label if I print it in the normal way, despite trying both "Records being Browsed" and "Current Record" settings, even though a full sheet of labels is showing in Preview.

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                  Some printers and/or printer drivers simply aren't fully compatible with FileMaker and this may be an issue here.

                  First, let's rule out some possible other causes.

                  If you are using a script to print your labels, try printing by going to the labels layout, selecting correct paper size/orientation in printer setup. Then print the layout manually via the File menu. If this works, your script needs to be updatedd.

                  Create a brand new test file from scratch with just enough features to test and try printing labels from it. If it prints correctly, there's an issue with your original file. If not, it's more likely an issue with your printer and FileMaker 11.

                  Make sure that you've downloaded and installed the latest printer driver available from their web site.

                  If none of that seems to shed any light, you may want to click on Report an Issue above and report this issue to FileMaker so that they can add it to their list of issues that need to be fixed.

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                    Thanks, PhilModjunk. I'm not using a script and I do have the latest printer driver installed. (I checked that first!). I've already tried creating a brand new test file but it had the same problem. I think you're right and it's a compatibility issue with my printer which is, admittedly, fairly old. I will report the issue and am very grateful to everyone for trying to help me.