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    Page Setup wont save my settings



      Page Setup wont save my settings


      Hey guys, I have started working with a database that had another creator before me.  I have made a lot of corrections to his poor work, but now I find myself at a crux. 


      First let me say I'm runing Filemaker Pro 10 on latest Mac OSX.


      I made a list format for printing off reports, and the page setup settings seem to default to landscape and legal every time I open the database.  I have changed them several times to what I want (US letter and Portrait) and even chosen the "Save as default" options in the Settings pull down menu. Yet routinely everytime I close and reopen the database, the settings have switched back to legal and landscape.  I am completely perplexed on this one.  It seems like it is so simple thatis causing me a huge problem. 


      If anyone has a solution I would love it.  I know I'm probably missing something really easy here, but I have been trying to figure it out for a couple hours now and to no avail. 


      As another note, I have disabeled all scripts as well to see if one was overriding my settings and I still have the same issue.


      Thanks for any help.



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             I too am having the exact same problem. As a simple example, say you have two printers: a laserjet set to letter/portrait and a label printer formatted to a certain size label. After you set one script, jump back to the other and you will see that the printer has defaulted to whatever sou set in the last macro you just created or the last printer used. This also has the effect of changing the print setup for the form itself. It's maddening, and I refuse to buy an overpriced plugin to fix a problem that shouldn't be there in the first place.
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            When you use the "Print Setup" script step in a script it will "remember" and perform the same actions each time the script is executed. I suspect that what you're doing is, after performing a print job, looking at File/Page Setup, which has all the same options as the Print Setup script step. The Page Setup will retain the last used settings. Unless you do almost all your printing in one orientation and at the same magnification and on the same printer, saving a default may prove annoying. It's easy to forget the Page Setup before pressing "print". In any case, it doesn't appear to be saving your default. Also remember that in the Print Setup step you don't choose a printer for the job. You choose a printer to "format for". Best to leave this set to "any printer". The printer that performs the print job is selected in the "Print" script step.


            You may be aware of all the above and still be having problems. Wish I could be of more help.




            Macpro Quad Xeon, FMPA 10v3 

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              Thanks for the input. I'm going to play with this a bit more tomorrow at work, but let me see if I have the steps in the correct sequence:


              • "Print Setup" to select the actual page setup by choosing the correct printer, paper size and orientation
              • "Print" to define the printer


              Both script steps allow you to select printer, paper, number of copies, etc. Basically, most of the same options. When you go back to review the settings after using another printer, most of the settings are changed according to the dialog boxes. Whether or not they are really changed is another matter. If Filemaker is storing the settings in some "secret" location, this makes setting the print options a bit more challenging since you can't believe what the dialogs are saying.

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                I should have mentioned: OS X 10.6.2. I don't use Windows and can't speak to the differences between the operating systems. I would be surprised if the steps were that different. Fro your description, they are.



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                     I should have mentioned that I am running Windows XP. There is no selection for "Any Printer", but the rest of the stuff probably works the same.
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                    On windows the print setup and print scripts behave differently if they are set to run with no dialog. No Dialog will print to whatever the default printer is on the system (or I should say...what the default printer was on the system when filemaker was opened.) Print setup will restore the printer that you set it to (if available) if run with dialog.

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                      It seems than there is little point of including the checkbox to run with dialog if you must bring up the dialog box in order to make the script do what you want. The script is supposed to automate the process.

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                        Yes, this is frustrating. It does work well the way it is assuming that your solution only needs to print to one printer and that it is the default printer on the OS. (This allows you to script prints without the need to know what printer is being used.) The downside is that if your solution needs to print to more than one printer, it can't be changed/saved without making the user click thru the page setup dialog. I have taken to running an OS level script to set/create the printer I want to the OS's default and then updating FM's registry entry for the printer and then performing a print setup script step in filemaker( this effectively changes the default printer that filemaker uses and allows switching the printer without dialog, 'course then you have to change it back)


                        Boy! Wouldn't it be nice if there was a Script step to switch/restore printers (if available).