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Paid help needed urgently to solve glitch

Question asked by basilisk2 on Jan 4, 2011


Paid help needed urgently to solve glitch


Paid help needed

I am looking for a FM10 and FM11 qualified consultant to help me sort out a glitch in an existing database I am working on. As a relative newbie to FM I have reached the limits of my abilities and have a project three quarters finished that is now overdue. I imagine there is a maximum of half a day of work needed from someone who knows what they are doing, and probably less than that.

The database is an admin database for a specific task in our small service providing business. We will be accessing the db via IWP and FMP10. The main problem we have right now is synchonising information across multiple Tabs (each showing info for the same job but from different tables) so that all information for one client is easily viewable in one tabbed layout.

If you are available to get to work right away, are qualified and would like more details, please let me know your rates and competences and your contact details so I can send you the work to be quoted for.

Many thanks,