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    Paid Status Field



      Paid Status Field


      I Can't seem to get this to work, it seems pretty simple.


      If BalanceDue=0 then mark [PaidStatus] field "PAID"

      Am I missing something...also does it go under Auto-Enter or Validation Tab...I tried both.

      Thanks in advance.



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          Not under validation.

          You have two options:

          Both would use this basic expression:  If ( balanceDue = 0 ; "Paid" ; "" )

          1) define a field of type calculation and enter the above expression, selecting "text" as the calculation field's return type.

          2) Define a field of type text and use the above expression as an auto-enter expression. Make sure to also clear the "Do not replace existing value..." option.

          Note option 2 will fail to update automatically if its calculation refers to a field in another record.

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            If this is a calculation field (as I would expect it to be) there is something funny going on, as FM is expecting a Boolean result.  Are you defining the field PaidStatus as a calculation field?

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              "Your DA Man" Phil...thanks.

              Sometimes even the simplest things esccape


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                Sorbsbuster>I defined it as a text with validation...and as you mentioned it should of been a calculation
                Changed to Calculation and it worked.