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    Panels in Popovers



      Panels in Popovers


           I'm playing around with the Invoices template that comes with FMP13. In the Invoice Details layout next to the "Company" filed there is a popover button labeled "Select". In the popover is a search field, a portal containing the list of customers, and a button to create a new customer. The "New Customer" button switches the popover window to a new panel according to: 

           GetLayoutObjectAttribute ( "New Customer Panel" ; "IsFrontPanel" )

           as well as executing the script detailed in the attached image.

           My question is this - where is the layout for the New Customer Panel in the popover? I cannot figure out how to find it to edit/examine it.

           Thanks in advance.




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               This one is sneaky and I another forum participant hadn't asked about it--prompting me to open the file and investigate, I wouldn't know how it works. They place an invisible Slider control inside the popover frame. The code here is selecting different panels of that slider, not the popover frame.

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                 Thanks Phil, that did it. I had to double click on the object in which the portal was located - I was accidentally selecting only the popover frame or the portal and wasn't finding the slider control located within the popover frame and which contained the portal and search field. When I finally found and double clicked the slider control, the slider control panel appeared. So in summary, there are 3 layers/objects to be aware of: the popover frame, the slider control frame, and the portal/fields. Thanks again.