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Paper size has changed from A4 to letter

Question asked by PaulWalker on Oct 27, 2011
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Paper size has changed from A4 to letter



Can anyone help

I have just started using our database and we have been printing invoices and packing slips fine all day and all of a sudden part of the invoice is missing off the side.  I have looked into the printer setup and the paper size has changed to Letter.  I keep changing it in printer setup, but when I go to priny again, it changes back to letter.  The only way around it that I have found is to change it everytime you go to print.  Not the best solution.

I have seen an earlier post from someone else, but they were having crashing problems as well which I am not.

The printer I am using is a Xerox Phaser 8860

Thanks for any help you can give