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    Paper size has changed from A4 to letter



      Paper size has changed from A4 to letter



      Can anyone help

      I have just started using our database and we have been printing invoices and packing slips fine all day and all of a sudden part of the invoice is missing off the side.  I have looked into the printer setup and the paper size has changed to Letter.  I keep changing it in printer setup, but when I go to priny again, it changes back to letter.  The only way around it that I have found is to change it everytime you go to print.  Not the best solution.

      I have seen an earlier post from someone else, but they were having crashing problems as well which I am not.

      The printer I am using is a Xerox Phaser 8860

      Thanks for any help you can give

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          Do you use a script to print the invoices?

          Is the database hosted from another computer?

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            The invoices are printed through the starter solution database, so in invoices I just click on print invoice or print packing slip.

            Yes the databse is hosted by my computer, but other computers are starting to have the same problem.  I have a test database as well which is what this on was created from.  The test database still works fine and prints A4.  It seems very that all of a sudden it should just change.

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              Had it been hosted on another computer with Filemaker server, I would have suggested taking the file down off the server, navigating to the print layout and using print set up to specify the page size and then you would put this file back up on the server. (Sometimes these changes don't "stick" when you do it from a client computer in my experience.)

              Assuming that you have Filemaker 11, you might try the advanced recovery options on your file to reset the printer specs:

              Select only:

              Copy File Blocks As Is.

              Delete Cached Settings.

              Then test this recovered copy to see if it now works correctly. (Advanced Recover operations with "copy file blocks as is" are the only exceptions to the "best practice" rule of never putting a recovered copy of a file back into development or regular use.)

              If that doesn't correct the problem, there are additional options that you can try:

              1. Add a page setup step to your print step and set it to specify your page size.
              2. Replace your current copy with a back up copy that does not have this issue. You will likely need to save a clone of this back up and then import your data from your current copy, updating serial number field settings as needed.
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                     this recovery worked for me. But I have to say, that I rebuild thewhole database in january. This kinda sucks.