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Parametric file opening?

Question asked by symbister on Dec 4, 2014
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Parametric file opening?



We have a daily log into which we record exhibition attendances and it's useful to compare with the same time in the previous year.

Each file contains a discrete set of data for each calendar year, eg "FOH Log 2013", FOH Log 2014" etc, with a record for each day, and fields for week-of-year, which is the link to a previous year's data.

Is it possible to reference the previous year's data parametrically, that is if you are looking at 2014 data, to somehow ensure that, say the 23rd week compares with the 23rd week of 2013, but if you are looking at 2015 data the comparison shifts to the 2014 data

In other words, in the relationship graph I'd like to reference the previous year file by using something like "FOH Log" & (Year(Get(CurrentDate)-1) but this seems understandably impossible.

So that when the 2016 Log is created it looks back to 2015 as a built in reference.

Any ideas? TIA