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    Parent Child reports for printing



      Parent Child reports for printing



      I am trying to make a printed report where I select a report on a particular trip and the main details of this trip are displayed in the top of the form. Then a sub form displays the individual items related to this trip.

      In access I would make a form that lets me choose the trip I want to report on. Then create a report that would show the items from a trip. Then the second form would be put into the first form as a sub report and would populate only with item relating to that trip.

      How does this happen in filemaker? I have played with sub summaries and portals without much luck.

      I look forward to your helpful solutions.

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          Portals work pretty much the same as a Sub Report or Sub Form in access. In what way didn't that work for you?

          Portals are often not the best approach for printing as you can end up with problems where not all the listed trip details are printed unless the portal is large enough to display all the rows without scrolling. You can create a very tall portal and then set it to slide up to reduce unused space.

          A better approach is the summary report you said you also didn't have much luck with.

          If you base your layout on the details table, you can put the fields from the related parent table in either the header or a sub summary part. Since your detail records are now in the report body, the issues you encounter with portals aren't a factor anymore. This second approach requires that you pull up just the detail records for the desired parent record or records and to then Sort them (espcially if you use a sub summary part) correctly.