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Parent child tables

Question asked by SeanLang on Jul 21, 2014
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Parent child tables


     I am trying to set up a situation where I have several tables:




     I need to be able to go into my Project info layout where all of that particular projects info is stored and pick a contractor from a drop down or pop up, then have the contractors info populate the fields on the project layout. The contractor info then needs to be transferred to a report at the end of the the day. I cant seem to wrap my head around using join tables to do this. I need to be able to link the contractors to many projects but each project will only have one contractor. Same for clients. Should the projects table be the joined table? would that allow me to link the independent client/contractor tables on a per project basis? (i think it has become clearer now just by typing this!, but please tell me if im on the right path).