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Parent Context Layout Issue

Question asked by ChristopherWaian on Apr 2, 2012
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Parent Context Layout Issue


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Hello All,

I have looked and have been unable to find documentation on my issue; possibly because I am not asking the right question. Can some one people point me to the correct method or research material to implement this correctly (or is this just a limitation I am hitting?). I have attached a picture of my database relationship graph, partly censored for privacy.

Everything is fine an dandy up-until I hit Purchase Orders, I have no problem in the child context to pull data from the parent. Most of my data entry is via drop down "cascading" menus which I would like to reproduce but from a parent context.

I need a way to select multiple Requisition# as separate line items for purchase orders carrying with it all the p/n and job# data along with it (ie. quantity) and item data (ie. units) this is a very early build and the structure may change but I am trying to get the base system functioning.

I found a work around by selecting preexisting PO# and tying them to Requisition# from the Requisition context but that means I have to create the PO# first, and I am more worried about the information not carried along  down to the Receiving and RMA tables. Having a parent in the chain seems to break the relationship flow. I could make PO# a child of Requ# but that would limit 1 item per PO which is not realistic for us. Every way I look at it, I don't see a way of escaping the issue.

Context: Keep in mind this is more of a MRP (material requirements planning) system and not a method of accepting customer order; also Job# is a bit similar to a "lot" or "batch".

Any help is very much appreciated!! Thanks!