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Parent Data Not Showing In Child Record

Question asked by InvectusIlumni on Jun 26, 2010
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Parent Data Not Showing In Child Record


Hi guys,


I've asked this question in many different ways, but I think I'm not clearly explaining my problem, so I'll try again and hopefully it'll work this time.


My Punch card  Filemaker solution only has 2 tables: EMPLOYEES and TRANSACTIONS


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  • The EMPLOYEES table stores all employee-relative data such as name, address, phone number etc.
  • The TRANSACTIONS table is used for work time tracking and payments (clock in time, clock out time, gross pay, etc). The data it collects is later displayed in a weekly LIST/REPORT layout that will be printed by a manager and given to the employee in question so they can see their pay based on total worked hours.

Records displayed by the LIST/REPORT layout are sorted using the ClockIn_date field 

When a new Punch card record (TRANSACTION) is created, it needs to be assigned to an employee (using a value list linked to the _Emp_ID field)


My Relationship graph is a 1-MANY:


  • The EMPLOYEES table is the parent with _Emp_ID as the primary key and 
  • The TRANSACTIONS table is the child. 
  • Those two tables are related through _Emp_ID and _Emp_ID_fk
  •  The _Emp_ID_fk field is a drop-down list that is linked to a value list retrieving data from the _Emp_ID field. The data it retrieves is needed so the transaction record can later be associated with an employee in the LIST/REPORT layout.


I should also point out that the LIST/REPORT layout has 4 parts: a header, body, trailing grand summary and footer parts.


The LIST/REPORT layout has merge fields that are supposed to retrieve related data (name, phone# ...) from the EMPLOYEES table, but this doesn't seem to work because no data is displayed. Those fields are blank although the data exists in the native TABLE.


I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, any help can help.