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    Parent/Child relationship for layouts?



      Parent/Child relationship for layouts?


      Is it possible to have a Parent/Child relationship for a layout? Kinda' like a "admin" layout and a "client" layout, where the "admin" layout would serve as the "master" layout and the "client" layout would see only certain fields? And updates I make on the "admin" layout would automatically be updated on the "client" layout?

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          It wouldn't be called a parent / child relationship.  Layouts show data from your tables.  You would have a admin layout with fields that the admin could see and then you would have a layout (Client) with the same fields except the fields that you don't want viewed by the client.  Then based on the login of the user you would go to layout "admin" or go to layout "Client".  You could also have fields that the admin could edit and would be read only for the client.