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Parking Permits in IWP

Question asked by symbister on Mar 4, 2013
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Parking Permits in IWP


     Hi -  improving FMP but new to IWP (using FMP 11, either on Win 7 or Mac OS 10.6.8, using IE on Win, Safari on Mac)

     My structure is:


     using a Permit layout with two drop-downs populated from value lists to select the Vehicle and the Driver - all works fine on the client.

     On IWP however, the Vehicle drop down works perfectly, but the Driver, when selected, erratically gives an error message 'Record Not Found' and/or "This operation cannot be performed..." . Both the join tables allow creation of records.

     There are script triggers on each dropdown field to commit so that a portal with more details is populated - (I'm aware that script triggers don't fire in IWP, so I have an UPDATE button on the layout to do a commit and refresh)

     additionally the script attached runs fine in client, but in IWP control stays in same layout

     TIA as usual