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Parse out email addresses

Question asked by dmorgan on Sep 24, 2013


Parse out email addresses



     I'm trying to add in mailit 5 to a hosted fmp12 db , the plug in works well in testing and I want to be able to parse out the to from and cc addresses from the simple receiving solution. If you're not familiar with it stores to emails as comma seperated and all in one field per message the same for cc and from but with only one sender.

     {EXAMPLE <>, "''" <>, "Last, First" <>}

     I'm able to parse data in the "from" field as a text calc 

     Middle(Messages::From; Position(Messages::From; "<"; 1; 1)+1; Position(Messages::From; ">";1; 1) - Position(Messages::From; "<";1; 1)-1  )

     Which takes  "Last, First" <> and gives

     I need it to do the same for the "to" and "cc" which can have multiple emails in it, as a list would probably be easiest to work with.

     Don't know if it matters but it may have to run on server as well.