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      I am parsing a record and this is the last part i need to get rid of:




      How do I get the  


      and the


      Out of the record?


      I tried Substitute """ for "" that did not work...

      I tried trim"" but that got rid of the " and what is in-between it... "total"

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          You appear to have smart quotes while your substitute attempts to remove straight quotes--which are different characters.

          Try this substitute function call:

          Substitute ( yourtexthere ; [Char ( 8220 ) ; "" ] ; [Char ( 8221 ) ; "" ) ] ; ["," ; "" ] )

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            That fixed the comma, but not the parenthesis.

            I'm on Windows 8, i googled it and see how to change from straight to smart with in programs. How do i do it FM?



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              I copied them from the txt... to put into the formula...

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                There are no parenthesis shown in your text example, only quotation marks.

                There's a setting in preferences for enabling smart quotes. You can edit Preferences from the Edit menu if you are on Windows. I forget where they put it on Mac systems.

                You can put straight quotes into an expression such as for substitute like this:


                The backslash "escapes" the quote character immediately after it so that it is treated as a character and not the end of your quoted text.

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                  That worked, last thing...

                  in some of the records the value is



                  I need to remove the space in front of the 113.66.

                  I tried

                  Trim (GetValue (TempEdi::TempEdi;2))

                  That function removes the word Total and moves the 113.66 to the left.

                  Any suggestions?

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                    Don't know if that leading text is a string of spaces, a tab or some more esoteric nonvisible character(s).

                    You might try the TrimAll function as a way to reduce the spaces between text to a single space character.

                    Or you can use [" " ; "" ] to remove any spaces found in the text. But this might not be text. You might need to use Char with the code  for a tab if this is a leading tab character.